From the beautiful kurouchi tsuchime stainless cladding, to the impeccably forged Semi-Stainless core, or to the deceptively-elegant profile, the YS knives offer excellent performance with beautiful design all in one package. Forged and sharpened in Sanjo, these knives come closer to their advertised length compared to their Sakai counterparts, with 240mm gyuto usually being 240-245mm on edge.

セミステンレス鋼 (ステンレスクラッド) に黒打と小さい槌目を施し、品質と見た目のクールさを兼ね備えました。
鍛冶・研ぎ工程を三条市で行っており、実寸刃渡りは (堺の包丁よりも) 寸法表記に近くなっています。

A Standout in Performance. And Design.

The black kurouchi. The hammer marks. The frosted, stainless blade road. The cladding line. These bold appointments make the YS a work of art as much as it is a functional tool. It comes out of the box with a shockingly-sharp edge, making this knife ready to go whether you have work to do, or if you just want to sit and stare.



Cladding: Stainless
Measurements for 240 gyuto
Weight: 140 grams
Spine thickness: 3.2mm (Above Heel)
Blade Height: 49mm
Engraving: Konosuke Sanjo


Undisclosed Semi Stainless




Kurouchi Tsuchime