Who Are We?

Founded in 2006. Konosuke is a knife company out of Sakai, Japan. Our company president, Kosuke Kawamura, spent years with his father, working for Konosuke's parent company, Kaneshige Hamono, learning the industry, and slowly forming a relationship with the craftsmen. Kaneshige Hamono sold all manners of knives- from mass produced, inexpensive knives to traditionally crafted high-end knives -all under the same brand name.


While Kosuke respected his father's way of doing things, he found himself wanting to start a brand that customer's could rely on for superior quality, no matter which product was purchased; a brand that would only sell handmade kitchen knives by traditional craftsmen of exceptional skill in Sakai. It was with this focus that Konosuke was born.


From the very beginning, Kosuke was very focused on one thing- creating new, interesting knives, that would be different from what was already being made. This prospect excited the very talented sharpener, Morihiro, and with this shared vision, the Fujiyama was born. Very happy with his first original product, Kosuke pushed forward, working to build connection with an International market, while also cultivating relationships with other craftsmen who would share his way of thinking.


Never satisfied with the status quo, Konosuke always strives to make iterative improvements- from using exciting new steels like the Vintage Carbon; to letting Morihiro stretch his creative-legs by sharpening a knife almost entirely on natural stones; to evolving and elevating the Fujiyama line with the addition of an incredibly talented new sharpener -Konosuke is always working to be better than they were.


To The Future

Konosuke's goal is not just to make good products, but I would like to elevate the living and working condition of the craftsmen who continue to work tirelessly each day to produce our products. To create an environment where everyone around the world who picks up a kitchen knife can better feel the wonder of Japanese craftsmanship. In addition, I would like to create a system of working where young craftsmen can improve their skills and the younger generation will want to pursue the path of knife making in the future.


Company History

1932 “KAWAMURA TEISHICHI Shoten” founded
    A small company of manufacturing and wholesale by peddling

1945 Business stopped because of the war
   Building was burned down by an air raid

1948 Business reopened

1969 “KAWAMURA Shoten Co.” established
   『株式会社 河村商店』設立

1973 Head office building constructed

1990 Name changed to “KANESHIGE Hamono Co.”
   社名を『株式会社 カネシゲ刃物』に変更

2006 Founded “KONOSUKE” and opened the original website
   First Fujiyama Produced (single bevel)

2008 First Fujiyama Produced (double bevel)

2011 Konosuke Gallery has built

2016 Launched “KONOSUKE SANJO”
   『幸之祐 三条』立ち上げ

2020 Launched new Website and YouTube page