Madei - Sumiiro / 墨色(すみいろ)

Part of Konosuke's 'MADEI' series, the Sumiiro represents years of building relationships, and investing into the next generation of craftsmen. Forged in SLD, and clad in stainless, these knives share a similar spirit as the YS knives, only they're slightly taller at the heel, and thicker at the spine. These differences help them to feel more robust, while still offering excellent cutting performance.

「までい」シリーズの”墨色”は、数年に渡る職人さんとの連携の結晶であり、次世代を担う若手を応援する目的もあります。 SLDのクラッド材を使用し、仕上がりとしては”YS”の流れを汲んでいますが、元幅と元厚が少しだけ大きいため、鋭い切れ味は保ちつつも、より力強い包丁になりました。

A tough blade. A delicate finish.

Between the incredible toughness of Nihei's forging, and the thicker spine he gives this blade, the Sumiiro feels very mighty to hold. ButFor the surface of the Sumiiro, Nihei employed a beautiful Kurouchi Nashiji finish- a specialty that was actually passed down to him by his Master. When it came time to name the project, it was actually at looking to this finish that Nihei found his inspiration. In Japan, the word 'Sumiiro' means "the color of India ink", as is seen in Japanese hand-painted calligraphy.

二瓶氏の鍛造技術と厚めの峰により、その力強さを感じて頂けると思います。 平 (ひら) の仕上げは師匠から受け継ぎ、独自の改良を加えた”黒打梨地”です。 「墨色」と名付けられたのは、二瓶氏がその仕上がりが墨の色に似ていることに気付いたことがきっかけでした。

The Craftsman: Takahiro Nihei / 二瓶貴大

A craftsman from the Fukushima Prefecture, Nihei trained for years in Sanjo to develop his skills. As is customary from that region, this means Nihei is responsible for all the forging, sharpening, and engraving on his knives. At that time, when he and Kosuke first met, Nihei was introduced by his Master as a promising up-and-coming talent. Working with him now as a part of Konosuke, it is great to see his Master's trust was well placed. His attention to detail; his passion to improve; and his desire for knowledge all show through in his work to extraordinary effect.

二瓶氏は福島県の鍛冶職人ですが、数年間三条市に通い、そこでの研修を重ねました。 三条の慣習に従い、鍛造・研ぎ・切銘の全工程をご自身でこなします。当時僕たちが初めて会った時は、師匠から『今後有望な若手職人』と紹介されました。 今、二瓶氏から継続的に包丁を受け取る中で、師匠の言葉は本当だったと感じています。 細部に至るこだわり、品質向上にかける思いなど、常に高みを目指して日々精進されています。


Cladding: Stainless
Measurements for 240 Gyuto
Weight: 160 grams
Spine thickness: 4.4mm (Above Heel)
Blade Height: 50mm
Engraving: Konosuke Fukushima
(by Nihei)






Kurouchi Nashiji