Takahiro Nihei, and the Sumiiro

As our relationship with Nihei has grown, we knew we wanted to work with him to create something new, and unique-to-Konosuke. Today, we are very happy to release our newest product in the MADEI series- the SUMIIRO.

二瓶氏との対話を進めるうち、新しい包丁を一緒に作りたいという気持ちがどんどん強くなり、『までい』シリーズの『墨色 (すみいろ) 』ラインの完成につながりました。

The ‘SUMIIRO’ has a core of SLD, hardened up to 65 HRC, and is clad in Stainless steel. The toughness of Nihei’s forging, combined with this cladding results in an excellent ‘all-rounder’ of a blade; the edge can stand up to the rigors of a Professional kitchen, while the lack of reactivity can give you peace-of-mind that you don’t need to be wiping down the blade constantly.For the surface of the blade, Nihei went with a beautiful Kurouchi Nashiji. This rustic finish is actually a specialty passed down by his Master, which Nihei worked hard to learn during his time apprenticing. Combined with the resiliency of the stainless cladding, this handsome finish looks great without much of the maintenance a soft-iron-cladding finish can demand.

この素朴ともいえる平 (ひら) の仕上げは、師匠から引き継いだ『黒打 梨地』で、錆びやすい軟鉄を使用した包丁よりもずっと快適に手入れをして頂けると思います。

Once this project had been finalized, and we could see the completed knife, we asked Nihei what he would like to call it. After some thinking, he decided on the word ‘SUMIIRO’. The word ‘Sumiiro’ means “the color of India ink”, as is seen in Japanese hand-painted calligraphy.

So this is the Konosuke Madei ‘Sumiiro’. An SLD Kurouchi Nashiji gyuto, forged and sharpened by the very talented Nihei.
We hope you will give us your honest impression!

包丁が完成し、どのような名前にするかを二瓶氏と相談した結果、『墨色 (すみいろ) 』にすることが決まりました。二瓶氏が墨の色に似ていることに気付いたことがきっかけでした。