Takahiro Nihei, and the Madei Series

In 2018, Kosuke was able to meet a talented knife maker in the Fukushima Prefecture. Trained in the Sanjo-style, he is responsible for the all of the sharpening, forging, and engraving on his knives. Everyone at Konosuke was very impressed with his work; and we knew we wanted to support him by providing a series of his knives through Konosuke. Today, we are proud to reveal the identify of the craftsmen behind the ‘Konosuke Fukushima’ line: Takahiro Nihei.


In addition to revealing his identity, we also wanted to change the name of the line of knives that Nihei releases with Konosuke. From now on, instead of ‘Konosuke Fukushima’, everything by Nihei will be ‘KONOSUKE MADEI’. [Similar to how All blades by Tanaka and Morihiro are ‘FUJIYAMA’]

The word, ‘MADEI’, is actually a little esoteric, even from Japanese standards; but it is dialect from Nihei’s own region, and means “carefully, or politely”. We felt this was a perfect word to describe Nihei’s excellent work.

当初は『幸之祐 福島』として紹介しておりましたが、今後は『幸之祐 までい』シリーズとしてラインナップします。


As the years since their first meeting have gone by, and he has gotten to know Nihei more, Kosuke has really grown to respect Nihei’s personality, his work ethic, but also his thoughts and ideas on knife making. Now that things have recovered the Nuclear fallout of 2011 in Fukushima, we at Konosuke are very proud to finally be working more with him.